July 22, 2018
Sliding barn door not lying against console frame.

Sliding barn doors that swing out

A major problem with sliding barn doors face is that they don’t lie flat to the surface they are attached to. I’ve seen this happen with purchased hardware and homemade hardware. Fortunately, there is a super easy fix.

The fix

I’ve seen everything from guides to bottom tracks installed on sliding door consoles. That’s fine if that’s the look you’re going for, but I am really not a fan. If you know me, you know I like simple. The answer is super simple. Ready for it?

Head to your local Home Depot or hit up Amazon and score some neodymium magnets and super glue. These little guys are incredibly powerful and work like a dream. Combine this with a forstner bit and you can maintain your look while providing a secure connection for the doors.

Use a forstner bit to clear space for the magnet.

Use the forstner bit to drill into the frame. We  drilled deep enough for the magnet in the frame to work with the magnet in the door. You’ll want to do some measuring ahead of time to avoid placing your magnet in a weird space.


Use the forstner bit to drill into the door and create a flush hole for the door magnet.

Once you have your magnet in the frame, measure things out to add the magnet to the door. Only drill as deep as the magnet is. You want this to be flush. Insetting the magnet will impact the strength.

You now have sliding barn doors that stay in place

Doors now lie flat against he frame.

The magnets are strong enough to connect through wood and hold the doors securely in place. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise your look to make it work.

What you need

We found this to be a pretty simple project. You need your console (of course) and:

  • Neodymium ring magnets
  • Forstner bit
  • Super glue

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