July 29, 2018
Close-up of island, baseboards and trim

A not so quick and easy update

Josh and I thought the kitchen island would be a quick, easy update. Two weekends of work and we’re finally done. We planned to have it done in a weekend. It never surprises me what you come across when you start ripping out someone else’s work. Usually, these things just add to the timeline  and throw projects completely off schedule.

Design and finishes


Choosing a paint color was super easy. I’ve had a swatch of Behr Woodcraft in a drawer since I chose the color for our walls. I thought I’d use it as a accent somewhere in the house at some point. The island was the perfect opportunity. I opted for the durability and easy cleaning of semigloss as we have a pretty notorious drooler that spends more time in the kitchen than I do!

Zydrunas resting

He may be cute, but he drools everywhere when it comes to food. The kitchen is his favorite room in the house.

I have one rule of thumb when it comes to choosing paint colors. Never jump into paint without testing the color. You never know how it’s going to look in your own home until you get it there. A neutral gray can become green or blue very quickly depending on lighting, surrounding colors and application.

Paint test on the kitchen island

The island was the very first thing we painted in the house. I have no idea what this color is, but it had to go. I tested the new color on the island and close to the floor to make sure it would would work.


If you recall the master bedroom, we have a 1×4 and 1×6 trim vibe going on. We plan to use that throughout the house. The island was no exception. Everything I disliked about the master bedroom trim, I disliked in the kitchen. As a quick reminder, here’s what we were working with.

Trim on kitchen island before replacement

Builder grade trim really doesn’t do rooms any favors.


Trim on kitchen island before replacement on wavy wall

While the builder grade trim doesn’t look good, it was probably a billion times easier to install than our solid wood boards. This section of the wall was so warped, we spent an entire day trying to figure out how to make the trim look even. Take note of the top trim. To be honest, I never even really noticed it was there.

Sometimes you need to say no to white

Once we started planning the island, I realized I didn’t want white trim. I wanted this to be a statement piece and white trim wasn’t part of the plan. I decided to paint the island, baseboards and quarter round all the same color.

Close-up of kitchen island, baseboards and trim

Sometimes, a risk is worth the reward. I didn’t bother testing the island with white trim. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I figured if the one color approach really looked bad, we could just redo it. There are zero regrets with my decision. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend that more people consider painting trim in a fun color. You’d be surprised what it can do to the space.

The finished product

The finished kitchen island

We absolutely love the look of our island. We used 1×4 trim at the top and 1×6 at the bottom. The quarter round gives it a clean finish.

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