April 7, 2019
Funfetti cupcakes

I somehow became obsessed with the idea of making a homemade Funfetti cupcakes. The balance of sprinkles to homemade white cake and buttercream seemed like it would be absolutely delicious. It was.

Finding the right recipe

I’m not trying to run a recipe blog, so I try to find recipes that align with my baking values. I don’t use vegetable oil or shortening when I bake, so I had to find a recipe that uses butter.

Fortunately for me, I got to bake these twice. I sent once batch with Josh and one with myself to work. Of the two recipes I tried, the one from Pretty Simple Sweet was my favorite. The batter was smooth and the sprinkles were well suspended (as opposed to sinking to the bottom).

Make sure to use jimmies instead of nonpareils. They hold up a little better and won’t bleed in your batter.
The sprinkles are still suspended even after scooping into the baking tray.
A vision of perfection! Sprinkles still intact and the cupcakes are moist and springy.

The perfect buttercream

Buttercream can be hit or miss. Too much butter or powdered sugar and it goes from delicious to disgusting. I’ve tried many buttercream recipes and somewhere along the lines I came up with my perfect version. For this recipe, I made a simple vanilla.

  • 1 cup salted butter
  • 3 cups powdered sugar (You can add up to another cup to taste, if needed. The more you mix in, the sweeter the buttercream will be.)
  • 1 TBSP vanilla (Get the real stuff. It makes such a difference.)
  • 2-4 TBSP heavy cream ( You’ll use this to loosen the frosting up to make it easier to pipe. If you your butter cream doesn’t easily pipe out of the bag, add more heavy cream.)

The cutest cupcakes

These cupcakes were cute. Really, really cute. There are a million ways to pipe frosting on cupcakes, but I like soft ribbons.

Cute cupcake papers and a nice frosting job get the cupcakes 90 percent of the way to perfection.
Sprinkles on top just finish it off!

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