April 7, 2019
Tote bags

One of my favorite things to sew is a tote bag. It’s a good project for people of all sewing levels and makes a great, personalized gift.

A personalized gift

My favorite thing about sewing is that you can personalize your gift in a meaningful way. There are so many fabric options out there it’s pretty easy to find something for everyone.

These particular tote bags were a donation to Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue. They’re having a raffle/silent auction and I enjoy donating a handmade gift. Luckily for me, JoAnn Fabric has no shortage of fun fabrics.

I figured I’d make two bags with a dog theme. Since this is a dog rescue, the events are often attended by people that love dogs.

Bag one: A bright colored, busy fabric with a black lining.
Bag two: A gradient paw fabric with a bright blue lining.

A perfect tote

This tutorial is perfect for sewing a tote bag. Once you get the hang of it, you can change up the size, add pockets and really make the design your own. I prefer a bit deeper tote, so I add some height and a little width.

You can choose from a canvas fabric to something in cotton. The key is to choose the best fusible interfacing to meet your needs. I like to use Pellon Shape-Flex (SF101). Fuse it to both fabrics to end up with a soft, but structured bag.

1.5″ strap makes for sturdier handles. I feel like it gives the bag a little something extra.

These were themed with goodies for pups. The tote on the left was filled with treats and the tote on the right was filled with dog washing supplies!

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