June 30, 2019
Board and batten accent wall

We started the den board and batten accent wall a LONG time ago and finally got it done!

Prep work

We started with a blank wall with the existing trim removed. We went back and forth between adding a hardboard backer or not. Most people add it for a smooth texture with glossy paint. I prefer a matte paint, so this was more about giving the nails something to anchor into.

Hardboard wall

Existing wall sans trim and covered in hardboard. Take note of the hardboard seams and where they are aligned.

Measure and measure again

Thankfully, Josh is good at math and he got this all figured out. There is so much that goes into the measuring of these walls. You need to cut your hardboard so the seams are hidden by the board and batten. That means accounting for trim pieces and making sure things are evenly spaced to ensure your squares are even.

Vertical battens

Once the vertical boards were set and anchored in place, we moved on to the horizontal pieces.


Horizontal battens

This was so much work we debated between stopping here or doing the entire wall.


Prepped wall

The bottom board is much thicker to account for the 5.25 inch finishing trim.

Prime and paint

Right when you think you’ve done the worst part of the work, you remember you have to prime and paint. Due to using hardboard and MDF, we primed to ensure the color would be consistent throughout the variation in materials.

Primed wall

Primer is hideous, but necessary.

Choosing a color

I think I blacked out while we painted this wall. It was so much work. So many nooks and crannies to make sure the paint was even and you had full coverage. I thought I was going to choose a darker version of Smokestack. As time went on, I found myself really not into the colors I swatched (left edge of the photo below).

Blank wall

Subtle is not the right choice

For how much work this wall was, I wanted an interesting color. Enter the Behr website and stumbling across Tavern Taupe. I thought I’d have to persuade Josh to go for it. It’s a purpley taupe color, but gives enough room to play off of with whites, blacks and grays.

The finished wall

When the painting was all said and done, we created a beautiful accent wall. We had to add some quarter round as the walls weren’t perfectly square and the gaps were annoying me. It wasn’t part of the initial vision, but it does give the wall a very finished and complete look.

Color: Behr Tavern Taupe

Finish: Matte

Behr Tavern Taupe wall

Seriously. I love this wall.


Board and batten accent wall

Would I do it again?

Absolutely. This wall was totally worth the effort. It’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the house. I’m planning to do a variation of this in one of the front bedrooms.

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