September 27, 2019
Second bedroom walls and doors

You know how much I love clean lines and incorporating them in my room design. Paint and a little trim makes it super easy to take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

First, we paint

I knew I wanted this room to be a grayish shade of blue. I went to Home Depot and pulled a bunch of samples and eventually decided on Behr Silver Bullet and Tin Foil.

The plan was to go two-tone in this space. Lighter on top and darker on the bottom. I eyeballed the lines, so they aren’t perfectly straight as it won’t matter once the room is finished.

Next, we trim

Clean lines just bring a room to life for me. In this space, I didn’t want an accent wall. I wanted a full room. For my grand idea, we invested in a Bosch laser level. It made installation a billion times easier.

We measured out where we wanted the top of the accent board to go and lined up the laser level. The paint line will be covered.

We got the first board installed. The laser level is a “duh!” purchase for this kind of work. Basically, rinse and repeat this for the other walls.

Paint and a little trim goes a long way

Once we had the trim installed, the paint colors took on a totally different tone. The white made the colors pop. The plan was to include accents of black and white in the design of the room to give the space a very neutral feel.

New floor, door, window and wall trim.

Decora outlets and screwless wall plates have a much more polished look.

Second bedroom walls and doors

The white doors and trim play up the blue undertones, but didn’t give the space a masculine feel.

Pops of black and white

Adding pops of black and white decor made the room keeps things neutral. Black is also my favorite color for home decorating, so it was the obvious choice.

Name signs

Name signs painted and assembled by us. The circles and letters were purchased from Craft Cuts. Finished with Behr custom match white paint and General Finishes stain in black.


Custom Dog’s Life Black + White curtains by cooper+craft.


Dresser from Ikea with dachshund lamps from World Market.

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