November 29, 2019
Traeger 22 Series straps not long enough

Winter grilling on the Traeger in Minnesota means you need a insulation blanket. Traeger makes these and they are exceptional quality. Unfortunately, we have a Pro Series 575 and Traeger hasn’t released a blanket to fit quite yet. No worries! I have a quick fix that costs less than $10 and took less than 10 minutes.

The situation

We bought our Traeger this summer and intend to use it all year long. To get the best performance, you should really have a Traeger blanket. The Pro Series 575 is most similar to the 22 Series, meaning you can make the Traeger Grill Insulation Blanket – 22 Series work.

Traeger 22 Series Grill Insulation Blanket

Traeger 22 Series insulation blanket

Traeger 22 Series blanket on Pro 575

Ultimately,  you’ll get a perfect fit on the grill and straps that are too short.


Traeger 22 Series straps not long enough

A closer look. So close, but not enough to actually get this to securely fasten in place.

Extending the Traeger blanket straps

If you have $10 and 10 minutes, you can easily resolve this issue. Total cost for me was $6.72 since I used a JoAnn Fabric coupon that saved me $3.01.

D-ring and belting

Stop by your nearest craft store and pick up 4 – 1″ inch D-Rings and 1″ Polypro belting.

Bust out the sewing machine and sew a loop that holds the D-rings to the belting. I used white thread to match the Traeger style, but you can do whatever.

Completed straps

Once you have it sewn, get a lighter and melt the ends of the belting. It’s quick and easy and prevents fraying.

Note: I did fold over the melted ends and add some stitching to the bottom to mimic the Traeger look. It’s not necessary, but does make the ends a little more sturdy. You can see this in the image below. I also made sure to use the ends of the belting for the D-ring loops. If you use a cut end, make sure to melt the ends of that as well.

Installing the straps

Once you have your straps sewn, get outside and get them installed! Attach your D-rings to the existing Trager straps and loop your straps into the existing blanket D-rings.

Straps long enough and blanket secured

The blanket is secure and the straps are a perfect match. Super easy fix!

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