Welcome to Saws & Spatulas!

We’re Brae and Josh. The masterminds behind the home projects and baking featured here on Saws & Spatulas.

Between our day jobs as digital marketers and spending time with our dogs, we work on making our house a home and tackling new recipes in the kitchen. While baking has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, Josh doesn’t really share the same enthusiasm for a spatula. He is, however, fantastic with a saw. Together, we concept ideas and figure out how to make them happen.

Why we DIY

We started our DIY adventure out of desperation to find the style of home decor we were looking for. We were fortunate enough to build our first home and we had a lot of space to fill. We knew what we liked, but couldn’t find pieces that matched our style or were unwilling to pay premium prices for things we didn’t absolutely love. We often left stores thinking we could easily make a majority of the things we liked. We started small with a fabric headboard and tufted ottoman, then started ripping our home apart!

Finding inspiration

We’re certainly not experts, but we aren’t afraid to try something new.  It’s our hope that the projects and baking you see on our site will inspire you to take on your own DIY creations.